California's Smart Traveler Program

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Smart Traveler is a comprehensive management information system for accessing transportation information statewide. The system is designed to provide information on the variety of transportation modes in any given area of California that will enable the consumer to make the "Smart" choice when traveling.

California is a national role model in transportation planning and management. The Smart Traveler Program integrates government and private sector efforts to provide the latest available technology to the consumer. Ultimately, the program will provide up-to-date information on the various transit modes that are available on a regional basis.

Providing information on the array of transportation modes in each region and how they connect to each other requires sophisticated computer programming applications. Smart Traveler takes the first step in solving these problems by providing a common framework that the government, private sector and consumers can access for information. Many have heard of the "information super highway"; the Smart Traveler Program is the "transportation super highway".

The components of the Program which became operational in the Sacramento region on September 1, 1995, include the 1-800 COMMUTE service and the Smart Traveler Internet Site. These new products will complement the current efforts of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the many transportation agencies that work together to provide transportation options for Californians.

The 1-800 COMMUTE service and the Internet Program work together to offer consumers information about the many transportation options provided by state and local governments. By working together to increase usage of the many clean-air options, the programs help ensure quick and easy access to reliable, flexible, convenient and safe transportation options in California.

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