2018 California State Rail Plan - Project Materials

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2018 California State Rail Plan

The 2018 California State Rail Plan (Rail Plan) is a strategic plan with operating and capital investment strategies that will lead to a coordinated, statewide travel system. The Rail Plan is an important element in the comprehensive planning and analysis of statewide transportation investment strategies detailed in the California Transportation Plan 2040 (CTP 2040). In concert with CTP 2040 and other plans, it will help clear the air, invigorate our cities, and provide the mobility Californians need in the future. Regional plans will build on the Rail Plan as they make use of new regional rail capacity, develop transit networks, and set land use recommendations that benefit from enhanced connectivity. Federal and State grant awards and funding decisions will consider project alignment with the 2040 Vision and strategies reflected in the Rail Plan.

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This web-based tool provides an interface with the existing rail network and the 2040 Vision, allowing users to explore what California’s rail network looks likes today and the vision for what it will look like in the future. Find out more about the 2040 Vision!

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Online Webinar: "2018 California State Rail Plan - Connecting California"
December 6, 2017

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California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
Division of Rail and Mass Transportation
2018 California State Rail Plan
Rail Planning Branch

1120 N Street, MS 74
Sacramento, CA 95814

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Email: RailPlan@dot.ca.gov