2018 California State Rail Plan - Stakeholder Advisory Committee

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2018 CSRP Stakeholder Advisory Committee

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee was convened by Caltrans in November 2015 as a technical working group to provide input and expertise in the development of the California State Rail Plan. The purpose of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee is to provide Caltrans with policy guidance and technical information on all aspects of the plan. The Advisory Committee is not a formal voting body; however, all input and dialogue will be documented for Caltrans and the consultant team to consider. The Advisory Committee participants will meet quarterly through August 2017 to provide guidance and input as the Rail Plan is developed.

The 2018 Rail Plan Stakeholder Advisory Committee includes representatives from diverse groups such as: passenger rail operators, planning agencies, freight rail interests, Tribal Nations, private railroads, ports, transit operators, and neighboring states. Advocacy groups representing environmental, disadvantaged community, livable community/active transportation and agricultural interests have also been invited to participate on the Committee.

This Stakeholder Advisory Committee roster includes the following representatives:

State and Federal Partner Agencies

Intercity Passenger Rail & Transit

Regional Planning Agencies

Freight Rail


Tribal Representatives

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Contact Information

Mailing Address:

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
Division of Rail and Mass Transportation
2018 California State Rail Plan
Rail Planning Branch

1120 N Street, MS 74
Sacramento, CA 95814

General Information:

Email: RailPlan@dot.ca.gov