Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to the CSBPP planning process provides recommendations and contributes to the technical aspects of bicycle and pedestrian matters, as well as policy plan development.  TAC members share CSBPP information and solicit feedback from Caltrans Districts and Divisions, as well as their local communities.

Following is the roster of TAC members and their agency affiliations:

Organization Representative Title
California Transportation Commission Laurie Waters Associate Deputy Director
California High Speed Rail Ben Lichty Senior Transportation Planner
California Bicycle Coalition (CalBike) Dave Snyder Executive Director
California Walks (CalWalks) Tony Dang Deputy Director
Sustainable Transportation Center, UC Davis Susan Handy Director
Southern California Association of Governments  Alan Thompson Senior Planner - Active Transportation
Rural Counties Task Force Representative / Del Norte Local Transportation Committee Tamera Leighton Executive Director
City of San Luis Obispo Tim Bochum Deputy Director of Transportation
Nevada County David Garcia Transportation Planner
California Highway Patrol Scott Taylor Sergeant, Corridor Safety Unit
California Highway Patrol Martha Vazquez Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Coordinator
Federal Highway Administration Scott Carson  Transportation Planner
Federal Transit Administration Eric Eidlin Community Planner
California Department of Health Justine Hearn Health Program Specialist
Sacramento Regional Transit Traci Canfield Long Range Planner
Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority Jim Allison Manger of Planning
Native American Advisory Committee Representative / California Indian Manpower Consortium Lorenda Sanchez Executive Directo
Caltrans District Representative Title
District 1 Kevin Tucker North Planning Chief
District 2 Steve Pendergast Associate Transportation Planner
District 3 Rusty Thornton Senior Transportation Planner
District 4 Aprile Smith Associate Transportation Planner
District 5 Melissa Streder Associate Transportation Planner
District 6 Pedro Ramirez Associate Transportation Planner
District 7 Dale Benson Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator
District 8 Dustin Foster Transportation Planner
District 9 Jacob Mathew Associate Transportation Planner
District 10 Tom Dumas Senior Transportation Planner
District 11 Seth Cutter Associate Transportation Planner
District 12 Marlon Regisford Associate Transportation Planner
Caltrans HQ Representative Title
Office of Multi-Modal System Planning Scott Forsythe Project Manager
Office of Sustainable Community Planning (OSCP)  Emily Mraovich Associate Transportation Planner
Office of State Planning Patrick Record Transportation Planner
Division of Local Assistance  Paul Moore Senior Transportation Planner
Division of Rail and Mass Transit  Erik Reitz Transportation Planner
Division of Research, Innovation, and System Information David Chursenoff Associate Transportation Planner
Division of Design Mike Janzen Senior Transportation Engineer
Division of Environmental Analysis Peter Bond Senior Environmental Planner
Division of Traffic Operations Rachel Carpenter Chief, Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Branch
Division of Maintenance Patti-Jo Dickinson Supervising Transportation Engineer
Division of Transportation Programming Surjit Dhillon Senior Transportation Engineer
ADA Infrastructure Program Elizebeth Dooher Supervising Transportation Engineer