Construction Updates

Construction of the I-80 SMART Corridor project is complete. Current activities include the local testing of the overhead sign frames across westbound I-80 and roadside variable advisory speed signs. In addition, the region-wide systems that integrate, coordinate and manage the SMART Corridor technology are being extensively tested.

SMART Corridor operations are planned began in mid-2016.


  • Extensive testing of overhead sign frames and other elements is continuing.
  • Continued testing of regional systems integration with SMART Corridor technology


Caltrans will continue to test the wiring on the sign panels and performing other local testing at each sign. This testing may briefly be visible to motorists.

Testing of the communications software that integrates the project components with the Caltrans Traffic Management Center (TMC) and local road elements is occurring and includes remote testing sequences where symbols and numbers may be displayed for longer intervals. Additional notification will be provided when this testing is scheduled.