Hazard Tree Assessment Overview Maps for the Lake Tahoe Basin

Route 50
Route 50
Route 28
Route 28
Rouote 267
Route 267
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Tree mortality is concentrated in High Hazard Zones. Tier 1 High Hazard Zones are areas where tree mortality directly coincides with critical infrastructure. They represent direct threats. Tier 2 High Hazard Zones are areas defined by watersheds (HUC 12, average 24,000 acres) that have significant tree mortality as well a ssignificant community and natural resource assets.


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    The Tree Mortality Task Force is comprised of state and federal agencies, local governments, utilities, and various stakeholders that will coordinate emergency protective actions, and monitor ongoing conditions to address the vast tree mortality resulting from four years of unprecedented drought and the resulting bark beetle infestations across large regions of the State.

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