Installation of CTWIM Suite

CTWIM PowerPoint Presentation:

For an overview of CTWIM, you may dowload the CTWIM PowerPoint Presentation. For full benefit, PowerPoint's 'Note View' should be utilized to view additional comments for the slides.

About the CTWIM Suite:

The CTWIM Suite is a collection of Windows-based applications developed by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). These applications are designed to aid the weigh-in-motion (WIM) analyst in performing tasks associated with the on-site calibration, acceptance and/or accuracy validation of WIM systems as well as the day-to-day monitoring of calibration of WIM systems from the office utilizing downloaded traffic stream data.

For on-site testing using one or more test trucks with known axle weights and axle spacings, statistical data is generated for comparison of actual "WIM vs. static" results to accuracy requirements. Graphs can also be generated which display "WIM Error by Speed" plots for individual axles, axle groups, or gross weights. Such graphs can be used by the analyst in making decisions as to what system calibration parameter adjustments will produce the best estimate of static wheel weights for the most typical trucks in the traffic stream.

For analysis of the WIM truck traffic stream for system calibration accuracy, daily truck record data files (typically seven) are downloaded and imported into the program. Known operating characteristics of one or more specified truck classifications (typically Class 9) are then compared with traffic stream statistical summary data. Such summary data can be displayed in various distribution or graphic formats.

The extensive program HELP windows as well as the "hardcopy" CTWIM SUITE MANUAL are currently under major revision to better reflect the Department's practices and methodologies relating to its WIM procedures as well as to utilize terminology common to the WIM data community. However, the current HELP windows and MANUAL are certainly adequate to take the user through the processes and "keystrokes" necessary to run the applications.

The CTWIM Suite is a flexible and powerful program designed for the dedicated analyst, not the "casual" user.

The suite has been installed and tested successfully on IBM-compatible personal computers running the Windows 95B, Windows 98SE, Windows NT 4.51 Service Pack 6a, and Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 2 operating systems.  No problems should be encountered when installing and operating the Suite on a machine running the Windows Millenium Edition operating system

Installation Procedures:

  1. Download the self-extracting CTWIM.EXE setup package (26.55 MB) to a temporary location or open it from its given location.
  2. Run CTWIM.EXE to extract the contents, then run "setup.exe" to install the CTWIM suite.

CT WIM Contacts:

For specific answers concerning the use of the Suite's applications, please refer to the provided help-files (*.hlp) and Suite Manual (CTWIMMan.doc, MS Word 97 format).

To submit bug-reports or to make comments or suggestions relating to the performance of the software or the quality of the documentation, please direct your email to the software-developer listed below.

Title: Name/Agency: Email:
Software Developer Carl E. McMillin
Authoring P.O.C. Richard Quinley
Authoring Office Caltrans, Traffic Operations, CVO, WIM Branch --

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