Traffic Engineering HQ Contacts

Contact Role Responsibility
Atifa Ferouz
  • New Products
  • Standard Plans and Specifications
  • Functional Manager for signing and striping, speed zone, TODS and LOGO, workload standard, TOMIS,  PY and OE allocation
Don Howe,
Arshad Iqbal,
Jennifer Perry
  • California Sign Specifications & Sign Charts/Poster
  • Sign Contracts
  • CTCDC Experimental items

Vijay Talada,
Araceli Rosas

  • California Traffic Control Devices Committee (CTCDC)
  • California MUTCD  |  District CA MUTCD Contacts
  • California Manual on Setting Speed Limits
Hamid Zolfagharipour
  • Electrical Systems
Dean Samuelson
  • Traffic Investigations
Rachel Carpenter
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
Randy Hiatt,
Araceli Rosas
  • Traffic Safety Devices
Mike Hagen
  • MAIT
Adam Fong
  • Technical Training
  • Legal Liaison

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