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    As of November 7, 2014 California Department of Transportation has adopted the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (California MUTCD) 2014 edition to provide for uniform standards and specifications for all official traffic control devices in California. This action was taken pursuant to the provisions of California Vehicle Code Section 21400 and the recommendation of the California Traffic Control Devices Committee (CTCDC). The Department requested and has received a letter to confirm substantial conformance from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for California MUTCD 2014 edition.

    The California MUTCD 2014 edition includes FHWA’s MUTCD 2009 edition dated December 19, 2009, including Revisions 1 and 2, as amended for use in California. The California MUTCD 2014 also includes all policies on traffic control devices issued by the Department since January 13, 2012, and other corrections and format changes that were necessary to update the previous documents.

    The California MUTCD 2014 edition supersedes and replaces the previously adopted (on January 13, 2012) California MUTCD as well as Chapters 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, and the traffic signals portion of chapter 9 of the 1996 Caltrans Traffic Manual, as amended, and all previous editions thereof.

Stand-alone Documents (Effective November 7, 2014):

2014 CA MUTCD (Entire Manual)
(Cover, Table of Contents, Introduction, Parts 1 thru 9, and Appendices)
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Hi-Res 2014 CA MUTCD (Entire Manual)
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List of Changes (compared to 2012 CA MUTCD)
FAQ's for 2014 CA MUTCD (Updated 3/9/15)
Known Errors in the 2014 CA MUTCD (Updated 2/10/15)
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Individual CA MUTCD Files:
CA MUTCD Binder Cover
CA MUTCD Binder Spine
Part 0: Cover, Table of Contents, & Introduction
Part 1: General
Part 2: Signs
     Chapter 2A - General
     Chapter 2B - Regulatory Signs, Barricades, and Gates
     Chapter 2C - Warning Signs and Object Markers
     Chapter 2D - Guide Signs - Conventional Roads
     Chapter 2E - Guide Signs - Freeways & Expressways
     Chapter 2F - Toll Road Signs
     Chapter 2G - Preferential and Managed Lane Signs
     Chapter 2H - General Information Signs
     Chapter 2I - General Services Signs
     Chapter 2J - Specific Service Signs
     Chapter 2K - Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs
     Chapter 2L - Changeable Message Signs
     Chapter 2M - Recreational and Cultural Interest Area Signs
     Chapter 2N - Emergency Management Signing
Part 3: Markings
     Chapter 3A - General
     Chapter 3B - Pavement and Curb Markings
     Chapter 3C - Roundabout Markings
     Chapter 3D - Markings for Preferential Lanes
     Chapter 3E - Markings for Toll Plazas
     Chapter 3F - Delineators
     Chapter 3G - Colored Pavements
     Chapter 3H - Channelizing Devices Used for Emphasis of Pavement Marking Patterns
     Chapter 3I - Islands
     Chapter 3J - Rumble Strip Markings
Part 4: Highway Traffic Signals
     Chapter 4A - General
     Chapter 4B - Traffic Control Signals - General
     Chapter 4C - Traffic Control Signal Needs Studies
     Chapter 4D - Traffic Control Signal Features
     Chapter 4E - Pedestrian Control Features
     Chapter 4F - Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons
     Chapter 4G - Traffic Control Signals and Hybrid Beacons for Emergency-Vehicle Access
     Chapter 4H - Traffic Control Signals for One-Lane, Two-Way Facilities
     Chapter 4I - Traffic Control Signals for Freeway Entrance Ramps
     Chapter 4J - Traffic Control for Movable Bridges
     Chapter 4K - Highway Traffic Signals at Toll Plazas
     Chapter 4L - Flashing Beacons
     Chapter 4M - Lane-Use Control Signals
     Chapter 4N - In-Roadway Lights
Part 5: Traffic Control Devices for Low-Volume Roads
     Chapter 5A - Traffic Control Devices for Low-Volume Roads
     Chapter 5B - Regulatory Signs
     Chapter 5C - Warning Signs
     Chapter 5D - Guide Signs
     Chapter 5E - Markings
     Chapter 5F - Traffic Control for Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
     Chapter 5G - Temporary Traffic Control Zones
     Chapter 5H - Traffic Control for School Areas
Part 6: Temporary Traffic Control
     Chapter 6A - General
     Chapter 6B - Fundamental Principles
     Chapter 6C - Temporary Traffic Control Elements
     Chapter 6D - Pedestrian and Worker Safety
     Chapter 6E - Flagger Control
     Chapter 6F - Temporary Traffic Control Zone Devices
     Chapter 6G - Type of Temporary Traffic Control Zone Activities
     Chapter 6H - Typical Applications
     Chapter 6I - Control of Traffic Through Traffic Incident Management Areas
Part 7: Traffic Control for School Areas
     Chapter 7A - General
     Chapter 7B - Signs
     Chapter 7C - Markings
     Chapter 7D - Crossing Supervision
Part 8: Traffic Control for Railroad and Light Rail Transit Grade Crossings
     Chapter 8A - General
     Chapter 8B - Signs and Markings
     Chapter 8C - Flashing-Light Signals, Gates and Traffic Control Signals
     Chapter 8D - Pathway Grade Crossings
Part 9: Traffic Control for Bicycle Facilities
     Chapter 9A - General
     Chapter 9B - Signs
     Chapter 9C - Markings
     Chapter 9D - Signals