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Last Updated: Friday, February 3, 2012 11:30 AM

Exhibit 2.3: Time and Effort Required for Cultural Resources Compliance

Exhibit 2.3 PDF version here.

The time and effort required to complete cultural resources compliance will vary greatly, depending on the nature of the project and the number and types of resources that may be impacted by it.

The Table below indicates potential requirements in person-hours for the major activities, based primarily on Caltrans' Workload Estimating Norms. Also included are estimates of standard person-hour requirements and elapsed schedule time for some activities, based on Caltrans' Environmental Handbook. In estimating schedule time, it should be noted that some activities could be done at the same time.

Estimated Preparation Time (does not include external agency review time)
WBS Code Activity / Product Sched. Months Est. Hours Standard Est. Hours Range
150.20.30 Conduct Initial Archaeology Study     10-100 hours
150.20.35 Conduct Initial Built Environment Study      10 –100 hours
150.20.70 Conduct Initial Native American Coordination     10 -100 hours
165.20.05 Prepare APE Map     0 –80 hours
165.20.10 Prepare ASR with no sites present 1.5 months 40 hours 0 -1070 hours
165.20.15 Prepare ASR with sites present  6 months 300 hours 0 –1070 hours
165.20.15 Prepare HRER, Bridge Evaluation     0 –320 hours
165.20.20 Conduct Extended Phase I (XPI) 6 months 360 hours 0 -1576 hours
165.20.25 Conduct Phase II (PII) 12 months 1768 hours 0 -1768 hours
165.20.45 Prepare HPSR / HRCR     0 –300 hours
165.20.50 Prepare FOE / MOA     0 –120 hours
165.20.50 Prepare Data Recovery Plan/Treatment Plan 12 months   80-960 hours
165.25.10 Prepare Section 4(f) Determination      0 –100 hours
235.05.05 Conduct Historic Built Environment Mitigation      40 -1000 hours
235.05.10 Conduct Phase III (PIII) 15 months   0 -1768 hours