Division of Right of Way (ROW) and Land Surveys

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Right of Way administers the statewide program for right of way acquisition and real property management in support of Caltrans' purpose, mission, vision and goals.  

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    Right of Way's two primary responsibilities are:
    • To appraise, and purchase property required for transportation purposes; affect and orderly relocation of affected families, businesses and utility facilities: and clearing of properties prior to construction.
    • To comprehensively manage Caltrans' Real Property Program, reducing the costs of operations, and disposing of property no longer needed for transportation purposes.

    Right of Way also has responsibility for:

    • Monitoring right of way activities on federally assisted local facilities. 
    • Maintaining a stewardship role in the expenditure of federal funds.
    • Ensuring local agency compliance when local funds are used for projects on the State Highway System. 
    Right of Way is headquartered in Sacramento, California.

Right of Way Highlights


The Acquisition and Condemnation Section is responsible for purchasing the property rights necessary for constructing and maintaining the State's transportation system.

Airspace & Telecommunication Licensing

The Airspace function is responsible for leasing and managing all property held for a transportation purpose that can safely accommodate a secondary use.


Appraisal guidelines and forms as presented here for public agencies or independent appraisers who prepare appraisals for Caltrans or other public agency transportation projects.

Excess Lands

Here you will find information on our current inventory of properties for sale. This is your source for information on up-coming sales and auctions by Caltrans Right of Way Excess Land Branch.

Local Program Links

Property Management

Property Management manages all property held for future transportation projects, all excess properties, and employee housing.

Real Property Services

The Right of Way Office of Real Property Services (RPS) is responsible for the management and disposition of all property purchased for transportation projects.

Right of Way Certification

The purpose of the R/W Certification is to ensure that the State has full legal and physical possession of all necessary rights of way required for the construction and subsequent operation of the transportation project.

Utility Relocations

The Utilities Relocation Branch is responsible to ensure that the right of way for highway projects is clear of utility facilities that would be in conflict with the proposed construction or subsequent operation of the highway facility.

Right of Way Manual and Right of Way & Land Surveys (ROWLS) Directives

The purpose of this online Right of Way Manual is to give users a tool that will lead them through the Right of Way processes.

Properties for sale, lease and upcoming auctions

Properties for rent

This is your source for available Caltrans rental properties:

DGS Surplus Property website

This is your source for information on up-coming sales and auctions by Caltrans Right of Way Excess Land Branch.

Informational video - Collocation

District ROW Contact Information

Contact the Personnel Unit at (916) 445-2000 for a ROW staff directory.

HQ Right of Way

1120 N Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 654-5413

District 1 Right of Way

1656 Union Street
Eureka, CA 95502

District 2 Right of Way

2250 Benton Dr. #200
Redding, CA 96003

District 3 Right of Way

723 D Street
Marysville, CA 95901

District 4 Right of Way

111 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA, 94612-3771

District 5 Right of Way

3232 S. Higuera Street #200
San Luis Obisbo, CA 93401

District 6 Right of Way

855 M Street, Ste 200
Fresno CA 93721-2716

District 7 Right of Way

100 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

District 8 Right of Way

464 W. 4th Street, MS 1251
San Bernardino, CA 92401-1400

District 9 Right of Way

500 South Main
Bishop, CA 93514

District 10 Right of Way

1976 Charter Way
Stockton, CA 95201

District 11 Right of Way

4050 Taylor Street
San Diego, CA 92110

District 12 Right of Way

1750 E 4th Street, Suite 100
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Contact Information

Physical Address:

California Department of Transportation
Division of Right of Way
1120 N Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Shipping Address:

Department of Transportation
Division of Right of Way
1415 11th Street
Sacramento, CA 95834

General Information:

Reception Desk, Right of Way related only:
(916) 654-5413

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