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Philip Demosthenes's Presentation on "Access Management "

Mr. Philip Demosthenes
Philip Demosthenes
Senior Planner
Denver, CO

On October 18, 2007, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Mr. Philip Demosthenes presented "Access Management."

Phil is has over 30 years experience in transportation planning, program management, roadway design, and traffic safety. He is a recognized national expert in the field of access management. He created and then managed the Colorado DOT access control program. He has provided training and consulting services on access management to over 14 states and 4 countries, recently returning from China. He is a co-author on the next edition of the ITE traffic engineering handbook and a co-author for the new ITE Urban geometric design handbook. He is also active in roundabout planning, design and research.

Active with TRB and ITE, Phil was Chairman for the 1996 and 1993 National Conferences on Access Management. He was a member of the TRB Committee on Access Management from 1994 – 2006, Current member of the TRB Committee on Eminent Domain and Land Use. Member of the TRB Roundabout Task Force, chairman of research subcommittee. Chairman of the May 2005 TRB National Conference on Roundabouts, and Chairman of the quarterly National Telephone Conference on Access Management . He has served on over 11 access related NCHRP research study panels and is currently the panel chairman of 2006 NCHRP project 15-35, “The Development Guidelines for the Design of Driveways”. He is the 1999, recipient of the “Professional of the Year” Award from the Colorado/Wyoming Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. And the 1988, Recipient of the Dr. L. I. Hewes Award from the Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials in recognition for developing Colorado's access management program.

Phil attended UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara and has a Masters of Fine Art from California Institute of the Arts.

Topic Description:  Access Management

Access Management (AM) principles and strategies can help guide decisions involving transportation policy and planning, land use planning, corridor design and operation, land development and public safety. AM supports the goals and objectives of a range of performance based transportation management systems such as asset management, congestion management, and safety management. It promotes sustainable land use patterns and preserves the investment in commercial, residential and other private developments that depend on reliable transportation performance. It improves the performance and safety of all modes of travel including transit, bicycles and pedestrians.

In his presentation. Mr. Demosthenes will present: Operational and safety benefits of AM, both corridor, system and research results; Key principles (why AM works); The application in safety system management, congestion management, asset management and incorporating AM into planning and into long range safety strategies; He will touch on strategies for creating a successful DOT access program; and accomplishing AM decision making in partnership with local

Please click here for the presentation slides.