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Dr. Patricia Lyon Mokhtarian's Presentation on "Latent Demand in Traffic"

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Patricia Lyon Mokhtarian
Patricia Lyon Mokhtarian
Director of Telecommunications
and Travel Behavior Research Program Institute of Transportation Studies
UC Davis

On April 15, 2004, Dr. Patricia Mokhtarian from UC Davis presented "Latent Demand in Traffic."

Patricia Mokhtarian is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, a Faculty Associate of the Institute of Transportation Studies, and Chair of an interdisciplinary graduate program in Transportation Technology and Policy.  Dr. Mokhtarian has specialized in the application of rigorous quantitative methods to the study of travel behavior for more than 20 years, authoring or co-authoring more than 50 refereed journal articles and 40 other publications and reports.  A key research interest has been the impact of telecommunications technology on travel behavior, with additional interests in congestion-response behavior, attitudes toward mobility, land use and transportation interactions, travel time budgets, induced demand, and the transportation/air quality impacts of transportation demand management measures.

Dr. Mokhtarian is the founding chair of both the International Telework Association and Council and the Committee on Telecommunications and Travel Behavior of the Transportation Research Board.  She is a member of the TRB Committee on Traveler Behavior and Values and of the Group 1 Council.  She is on the editorial advisory board of the highly-ranked Transportation Research journal.  She has served on a National Academy of Sciences Committee to Study Technology and Telecommuting, and advised the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment regarding the impact of wireless communications on mobility. She has given numerous presentations on telecommuting and telecommunications planning in classroom and professional society meeting settings throughout the United States and abroad. She has presented or prepared testimony on telecommunications planning issues to the State Legislatures of California and Washington; to the California Energy Commission; and to the Los Angeles City Council. She has been interviewed on telecommuting by a variety of broadcast and print media, and has served as a consultant to several public- and private-sector clients.

Dr. Mokhtarian joined UC Davis in 1990, after nine years in regional planning and consulting in Southern California.  She obtained her Ph.D. in Operations Research from Northwestern University in 1981, and an M.S. in OR from Northwestern in 1977.  Her undergraduate degree (summa cum laude) is in Mathematics, from Florida State University.

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