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Dr. John Harvey's Presentation on "Integration of Design Construction and Traffic for Urban Freeway Rehabilitation"

The Caltrans Division of Research and Innovation is hosting monthly videoconferences on various topics. The presentations are designed to bring researchers and practitioners together to exchange information and transfer knowledge.

Dr. John Harvey
Dr. John Harvey
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of California, Davis

Dr. John Harvey was the featured speaker at the department's March 2005 Research Connection video conference.

John Harvey is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of California, Davis. He is Principal Investigator for the Caltrans Partnered Pavement Research Center (PPRC), which is an ongoing Division of Research and Innovation (DRI) project for research and development of a wide range of pavement technology. This program is a joint effort of Caltrans, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, Dynatest Consulting, CSIR (South Africa), and other universities and organizations. He was co-Principal Investigator and project manager for the Caltrans Accelerated Pavement Testing Program (CAL/APT) which began in 1994 and ended in 2000. During the CAL/APT project he directed the expansion of CAL/APT to meet Caltrans pavement needs for concrete pavement HVS testing and laboratory testing and analysis, and the development of mechanistic-empirical design methods. He initiated the investigation of construction productivity for concrete and asphalt concrete long-life pavement strategies using construction management methods, and the interaction of construction productivity and traffic in urban networks around large construction projects, and has remained closely involved with this research area with his colleagues at the PPRC and Caltrans.

Dr. Harvey teaches concrete and flexible pavement design and rehabilitation, asphalt concrete materials and project management at UC Davis. He has been with UCD since 2002, and prior to that worked at UC Berkeley for 13 years and for a consultant for four years in Nigeria and Texas. He worked in a District 3 Construction office in Sacramento in 1983. He is a registered professional engineer in California.

Presentation Outline

A major part of PPRC research is focused on developing analysis tools (software, design methods, guidelines, databases) that will permit Caltrans engineers and planners to balance three competing objectives they face in their work: long-life pavement, fast construction, and minimum traffic delay. Some innovations in pavement design will be presented that achieve longer-life and faster construction at the same time. The CA4PRS software that help engineers develop construction production rates and examine trade-offs will be presented, along with several case studies. Integration of traffic analyses with CA4PRS will be discussed. Current research on traffic flow and pavement design and materials will be shown, and expected future research products will be summarized. 

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