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Christopher Wilson's Presentation on "Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII)"

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Chis Wilson
Chistopher Wilson
Vice President of ITS Strategy
& Planning for DaimlerChrysler
Research & Technology
North America, Inc.

On October 5, 2005, Christopher Wilson, Vice President of Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategy and Planning for DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology North America Inc., presented Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII).

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Chris Wilson is the Vice President of Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategy and Planning for DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology North America Inc. His responsibilities include the identification and development of key technologies and enablers for ITS, as well as relationships with the government and other ITS stakeholders. Of particular interest is the development of new safety solutions for the automotive community and the driving public, and how innovative solutions can be derived from relationships with non-traditional partners.

Currently Chris is working on cooperative approaches to vehicle safety- primarily the Vehicle Infrastructure Integration initiative- that he helped to conceive. Within this effort he is developing several safety applications, some in cooperation with other vehicle manufacturers and DOTs. He is also developing business and deployment models for DaimlerChrysler and their partners. In 2001Chris started the Vehicle Safety Communications project between the US DOT and vehicle manufacturers. This project explored the potential of communications systems to support advanced vehicle safety applications. The apparent safety opportunity led to the establishment of VII to define a cooperative deployment model.

Throughout his 9 years with DaimlerChrysler he has been a leading advocate of positioning and mapping technologies in support of vehicle safety. He was one of the primary instigators of the Enhanced Digital Map project- a three-year effort by vehicle manufacturers and the government to investigate and demonstrate map based safety applications. He developed the concept of probe based mapping, and holds several patents in this area. He has also been active in the area of vehicle positioning systems.

In 2005-2006 Chris worked for Information Access Inc. where he was Director of Automotive Business Development. He worked primarily on probe data applications for the Houston Traffic Operations Center. He also worked to develop off board navigation concepts with the vehicle manufacturers.

For nine years prior to 2005 Chris developed ITS solutions for TRW- on both the vehicle and infrastructure sides of the pavement. He developed one of the first off board vehicle navigation systems, worked to develop infrastructure in support of ‘MayDay’ or Automatic Collision Notification systems, and helped design the San Francisco Bay Area Traffic Management System- TravInfo’.

Chris received his Bachelor of Arts degree in physics from Princeton University. He is a member of several professional societies, including the Institute of Navigation, Society of Automotive Engineers and the Institute of Transportation Engineers, and serves on many industry committees.