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Call for Submissions 2007-2008 Discussion

ISOW #S058

  • Q: One of the first task is creating a dataset of bridges. Now how will I be able to get the bridge details. Will CalTrans help me with that, or is it expected that I will have to obtain the bridge details through my contact
    A: The dataset of bridges, referred to under Description of Work,is the set of models developed by the PI (Principal Investigator) in order for the product being asked for to be representative of all skewed bridges. The PI must be comfortable that whatever recommendations made are valid because of having selected a broad enough database. We feel that Caltrans has had (or will have had during the life of this product) skewed postensioned multi-cell boxes in virtually every possible combination of plan-aspect ratios, span lengths, depths, cell height-width ratios, etc. It is not necessary to correlate each model with a real bridge.

ISOW #S055

  • Q: Within the text of the CFP the Hybrid fiber was mentioned although the title of the problem statement has no indication of it. Is Caltrans targeting Hybrid fibers in this project or just High Performance FRC?
    A: The Department is seeking high performance to address the problem identified in the ISOW, whether it is provided with or without fibers.
  • Q: Phase III: “Full scale testing of HyFRC as a bridge deck slab”. Is Caltrans looking for a field trial, would a model in the lab be acceptable. The reason we are asking is because this will make a big difference in budgeting this project and also in the project duration.
    A: At this stage of the research, full scale tests in the lab are acceptable. It is not necessary to conduct a field trial.