California Department of Transportation

California Transportation Research
and Technology Advisory Panel

The Secretary of the California Business, Transportation and Housing (BT&H) Agency and the Director of the California Department of Transportation (Department) have established a Transportation Research and Technology Advisory Panel (RTAP). The RTAP will provide the Administration and the Department with expert assistance and advice to support implementation of the Governor’s Strategic Growth Plan (SGP).


The purpose of this committee is to provide expert advice to the Administration and the Department regarding technology to improve transportation in California, as well as appropriate planning and implementation strategies for the SGP. The RTAP will advise the Department and BT&H about research that should be supported, and will assist in integrating the best ideas into the SGP. The RTAP will also advise regarding implementation of Department policies.

The RTAP will provide the Department with expert advice regarding potential technical, operational and policy issues to support implementation of the SGP. Technical issues include readiness of specific technologies and appropriate integration strategies. Operational issues include system management strategies. Policy issues include regulatory, institutional and social concerns and opportunities, and collaboration across agencies. The RTAP will advise regarding the use of advanced technologies and assist in communicating innovations to transportation consumers.

Organization and Structure

An Executive Committee will conduct the on-going business of the RTAP. Seven additional RTAP Committees have been established:

The Executive Committee will be comprised of the RTAP chair, the RTAP committee chairs, and the following non-voting ex-officio members: the Secretary of BT&H, the Director of the Department, and the Executive Director of the California Transportation Commission. Additional ex-officio members may also be appointed.

RTAP Membership

RTAP membership will be by invitation from the Secretary of BT&H and the Director of the Department. The Secretary of BT&H, with advice from the Director, will appoint the Chair of the RTAP, who will chair the Executive Committee. The RTAP Chair, with the advice of the Director, will nominate RTAP committee chairs for approval by the Secretary. Committee chairs will nominate the members of their committees. No more than eight members will be appointed to each committee. Committees may also include non-voting ex officio members.

Staff Support

The Department will provide staff support for the RTAP.


Deliverables will include verbal advice, white papers, research papers, testimony and Significant Issue Reports (SIRs).

Time Frame

Panel members will be expected to serve for two years. After two years the need for the panel will be reassessed. RTAP committees will be formed, but only meet when they are activated for a specific task.