California Department of Transportation

Additional VideoSync Hardware

Additional VideoSync Hardware has been developed to simplify field data collection.

  • Wireless Loop Station reader
    • Reads loops without taking the Model 170 Controller offline
    • Uses hardwire ethernet, IEEE-802.11, or GPRS for communication
  • Portable Camera and Radar mounting poles
  • Wireless Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras
  • Sidefire radar drivers and user interface
  • Components can be used as stand alone detection station with or without VideoSync
Image of Loop Station Reader
Image of Loop Station Components

Loop Station Components

Image of Prototype C1 Reader Components

Prototype C1 Reader Components

(including wireless ethernet communication)

This is currently used to collect loop data for Videosync but has “too many pieces.”

Image of Current Single Box

Current Single Box “C1” Reader

(wiring in progress)

Note: C1 connector alone doubles the production cost of this box from about $300 to $600

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