California Department of Transportation

Type 60K Barrier

Type 60K Barrier The Type 60k research project will conduct compliance testing of the portable semi-permanent barrier to determine whether it meets NCHRP Report 350 criteria. It is the second in a series of projects that will ultimately result in one or more designs of portable barrier that can be configured for both work zone and semi-permanent applications. Since there are two configurations for placement of the Type 60K barrier for semi-permanent applications, there will be two sets of crash tests performed. If the Type 60k barrier fails to meet the Report 350 criteria, modifications will be made to the design and the barrier will be retested as necessary to verify compliance. The first set of tests will be conducted on the Type 60K barrier mounted on a PCC foundation specially designed to resist lateral movement of the barrier. The set will conduct of two tests, one using a 2000 kg pickup truck and another with an 820 kg sedan. The second set of tests will be similar to the first, except the barrier will be placed directly on AC pavement. Additional tests will be conducted as appropriate if the current design requires significant modification.

Crash Test on Type 60K Barrier


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