California Department of Transportation

Transition Bridge Rail

Transition Bridge Rail The purpose of this project was to develop and crash test a bridge rail transition section that will contain 820 - 8000 kg vehicles effectively in 80 - 100 km/h impacts at angles of 15 to 25 without wheel snagging. Testing has been done in accordance with NCHRP Report 350, Test Level 4, for longitudinal barriers. The design of the transition underwent three variations. The primary objectives for the design of the transition were: 1) Smoothly increase the stiffness of the transition between the w-beam and the concrete, 2) Minimize pocketing potential for the 2000-kg pickup test, and 3) Minimize the snagging potential for both the pickup and the small vehicle.

Crash Test on the Transition Bridge Rail


Transition Crash Test Video (zipped, 6.5 MB)
Disclaimer: Upon further analysis of this unsuccessful Transition Crash test, the design was later modified to prevent vehicle rollover.

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