California Department of Transportation

Interactive Transit Station Information System (ITSIS)


Bradley Mizuno

Task Description

Although public transit is an important means of transportation for many American travelers, it is still largely underutilized. Encouraging greater transit use is seen as part of the integrated solution to the congestion problem in metropolitan areas and has been a major objective for transportation innovations such as Integrated Corridor Management (ICM). The real-time transit traveler information system (TTIS) has been one of the key innovations to enhance the user experience and encouraging mode shifts.

Task Objective

This project’s objectives are: (1) to identify issues and gaps of the existing real-time traveler information communication systems, (2) to develop issue-resolving concepts and approaches for a DSRC-based Connected Vehicles supported ITSIS and (3) to conduct testing of a prototype ITSIS application. To accomplish this the project will utilize the system developed for the Networked Traveler – Transit and Smart Parking (NT-T/SP) project under the SafeTrip-21 initiative as the starting point, which includes some of the core elements for development the ITSIS (i.e., system architecture, transit trip planner and arrival time prediction), and the California Connected Vehicle Test Bed for the prototype testing.

Final Report/Deliverables

Contract is currently being set up.