California Department of Transportation

Laws and Regulations Affecting Park and Ride Lot Performance


Prakash Sah

Task Description

Park and ride lots are important elements of complete transportation systems by providing convenient and safe locations to transfer from single passenger vehicles to local or regional transit buses, carpools, or vanpools.  An increase in usage of these facilities can lead to an increase in person throughput along congested streets and highways, which is a Caltrans identified goal of high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) systems.  Local and regional agencies fund park and ride improvements, but complain that Caltrans’ policies and California laws restrict their ability to make needed investments.  Research needs to be done to assess the validity of these statements and determine methods to allow for increased investment of park and ride lots.

Task Objective

Determine ways to increase local and regional investment in park and ride lots.  Analyze existing California laws, Caltrans policies, procedures, and other barriers that hinder local and regional agencies from investing in park and ride lots.  Activities on park and ride lots to be considered include managing and improving park and ride lots; installing features on park and ride lots to increase usage; relinquishing lots to local and regional agencies; and planning and constructing new park and ride lots on existing State right-of-way.

Final Report/Deliverables

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