California Department of Transportation

Integrate Allowances for BRT Projects in the Project Development Procedures Manual


Fouad Ziaullah

Task Description

There are significant differences between the two project development procedures that can cause delays in deploying BRT projects. The FTA allows the Transit Agency to start the project and perform an environmental impact study concurrently. The Department’s PDPM has the Project Study Report (PSR) completed before the environmental study can begin. The PSR allows the Department to consider a project proposal at 30% Design if a project is feasible. The challenge arises when a Transit Agency approaches the Department for a BRT proposal on a state route and begins the environmental phase with preliminary engineering (approximately 10% Design).

Task Objective

The objective of this research is to come up with an efficient method and recommendation to aid Transit Agencies and the Department deploying BRT projects while complying with FTA and/or FHWA project development procedures. Identify the FTA, FHWA, the Department, and Transit Agency project development procedures and identify opportunities for an improved streamlined process compliant to all stakeholders.

Final Report/Deliverables

State and Federal Project Development Procedures for Bus Rapid Transit: Managing Differences and Reducing Implementation Delays