California Department of Transportation

Bus Rapid Transit Performance Assessment Guidebook


Fouad Ziaullah

Task Description

BRT Performance Assessment Guidebook that establishes a series of performance measures (people throughput, mode shift, emissions reductions, among others) for all types of BRT projects on various facilities statewide.

Task Objective

The objective of this research is to come up with methods to analyze all the potential costs and benefits of a BRT project.  The research should develop a tool for the Department to determine if BRT implementation is the right strategy for a given conventional highway according to the purpose and need of the project.  The research will identify the tasks that other partners (ex. transit operators) shall be held responsible for when implementing a project on a conventional highway.  The research will identify potential impacts such as air pollution, environmental, level of service (LOS), vehicle throughput, person throughput, time savings, and safety benefits that must be considered when deciding if a BRT project will be implemented, and the allowable tolerances of the impacts during project implementation.

Final Report/Deliverables

Development of Bus Rapid Transit Performance Assessment Guide Tool