California Department of Transportation

Pilot Program to Demonstrate the Benefits of Vehicle-Assist and Automation (VAA) Applications for Full-Size Public Transit Buses


Sonja Sun

Task Description

Sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the objective of the project is to demonstrate the technical merits and feasibility of VAA technology, and to assess benefits of its applications using transit in-service buses. The potential benefits may include improved trip times, quicker and easier boarding, reduced accidents, a smoother "rail like" service and reduced right-of-way requirements and costs. The tests will be conducted at two sites, Franklin EmX BRT line at Lane transit District (LTD), in Eugene, Oregon, and the HOV lane along AC Transit M line from Hesperian Blvd. to San Mateo toll plaza. Two AC Transit buses and one LTD bus will be equipped with VAA systems for field tests. The project will be evaluated by an independent evaluation team.

Task Objective

To team up with Transit agencies and industries to demonstrate the technical merit and feasibility of VAA technology applications in transit revenue service, and to identify and document their costs and benefits.

Final Report/Deliverables

Contract is currently underway.