California Department of Transportation

Integration of Aviation Automated Weather Observation Systems (AWOS) with Roadside Weather Information Systems (RWIS) - Phase 2 Prepare System for Deployment


Melissa Clark

Task Description

AWOS (Automated Weather Observing Systems), ASOS (Automated Surface Observing Systems) and RWIS (Roadside Weather Information Systems) equipment provide similar meteorological information to support safe and efficient transportation across multiple modes, but are operated independently of each other. Continued deployment and operation of similar but independent systems in close proximity to each other may result in redundancy and increased costs. Linkage consolidation of such systems will provide system managers and users (airport managers, traffic controllers, pilots) more comprehensive and accurate meteorological data and may reduce cost.

Task Objective

The goal of this task is to identify, quantify and demonstrate the benefits, costs and institutional issues associated with AWOS/ ASOS and RWIS data linkage and the potential for cooperative maintenance and deployment of such system.  The objectives are:
1. Develop a business case to help Caltrans to determine whether and how to proceed with full deployment.
2. Conduct further system development to expand the coverage area; improve usability, effectiveness, reliability and scalability; and enhance the system with useful functionality.
3. Promote system usage and awareness through on-going outreach, training and support.
4. Evaluate the system over multiple seasons and with a wider audience of prospective users.

Final Report/Deliverables

Contract is underway.