California Department of Transportation

Lane Assistance/Guidance and Precision Docking Field Demonstration and Tests


Sonja Sun

Task Description

The lane assist/precision docking technologies enable Rapid Bus Transit (BRT) to provide rail-like quality of transit service at lower cost. A magnetic vehicle guidance system developed from previous projects allows buses to operate in narrow bus ways at a high speed and dock precisely at bus stations. This project is to enhance the safety integrity of the magnetic guidance system, and equip a 60 foot bus with the magnetic guidance system and conduct tests (to meet AC Transit's need).

Task Objective

To modify design in hardware and software and subsystems to improve reliability and robustness and fault/failure proof. To test the system on a 60 ft articulated bus in the field for performance and reliability.

Final Report/Deliverables

Field Demonstration and Tests of Lane Assist/Guidance and Precision Docking Technology