California Department of Transportation

Standards and Specifications Survey

This purpose of this questionnaire to create a database of useful and convenient standards that all Caltrans project managers can utilize:

1. What is your expertise, i.e. what is your main area of research?

2. What types of standards are you most aware of during the initial stage of research (initial proposal)?

3. What standards do you find were most important at the end of your research (finished with the project)?

4. How do you obtain, study, and utilize these standards?

5. Were there any standards that you did not think of, that came into play? If so, what were they and how did you come up with it?

6. Are you aware of project management standards and how they can help your project? If so, how has it helped in the past, or after having had reviewed them, how do you think it can affect the outcome of your project?

7. In evaluating the Caltrans INDUSTRY STANDARDS webpage, what did you find the most helpful and the least helpful?

8. How pertinent is this information (on the webpage), especially the example links? Any comments for improvement?

9. What are the steps you have implemented that have made your project successful?

10. This is a section for your personal feedback.