Old Bay Bridge Demolition

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February 4, 2016 - March 28, 2017

Phase 2 - Trusses
Dismantling and Removing the 19 Sections of the Truss Span

COMPLETED: Last Truss Removed March 28, 2017.

During the second phase of the demolition process, crews removed the bridge’s truss span east of the cantilever. Prior to demolition, five 500' truss sectiions stretched approximately ½ mile, followed by fourteen 288' foot truss sections extending ¾ of a mile, towards the Oakland shoreline totaling more than 100 million pounds of steel.


  • What: Removal of over 58,000 tons of steel trusses on the old east span of the Bay Bridge
  • When: February 4, 2016 - March 28, 2017 (COMPLETED)
  • Where: San Francisco Bay Bridge, Old East Span
  • Why: Continued work to dismantle the old East Span
  • How: High elevation trusses were cut loose and lowered onto waiting barges. Trusses at lower heights and in shallow water were raised using hydraulic jacking system, extended out, then lowered onto barges.
  • Who: Caltrans and partner agencies and the contractors



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California Department of Transportation
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Main Phone Line: (510) 286-4444

Alejandro Lopez
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