California Department of Transportation

Mobile Transportation Management Center

Mobile TMC

The Mobile Transportation Management Center (TMC) supports main Caltrans District 12 TMC operations by assisting in incident management and highway system recovery, acting as a relay station for mobile ramp metering trailers (MRM) and Field Operational Test units (FOT), sending messages to CMS and HAR, assisting in interagency field coordination on the scene of major events or incidents, and by providing a temporary facility in the event a TMC becomes disabled due to a catastrophic event.

The Mobile TMC can operate independently without the need for an external power connection. An on-board generator provides internal power. The basic kitchen, lavatory facilities, and HVAC environmental systems of the Mobile TMC permit operators to spend extended periods of time in the field.

The FOT and mobile ramp-metering trailer (MRM) communications system provide a direct video and data connection from the field to the Mobile TMC. This connection allows the FOT and MRM to be utilized throughout the greater Orange County area.

Inside the Mobile TMC

Although the Mobile TMC is currently configured to operate with District 12 surveillance and control systems, it is readily adaptable to operate with surveillance and control systems in other districts. The mobile ramp-metering trailer and wide-area data communications system should also be easily configurable for operation in areas other than District 12. The Mobile TMC and the FOT and MRM are designed to complement each other; they both provide a means of command and control of transportation system field elements. The Mobile TMC is manned, and hence is capable of tasks other than the unmanned FOT and MRM. The Mobile TMC has a comprehensive set of electrical, mechanical, and communications systems that support transportation management from the field. The FOT communications system allows the FOT mobile ramp-metering trailers to be deployed over a wide area and provide field information to a management center, either fixed or mobile.