California Department of Transportation

Planning Tool for Airports Phase II


Frank Law
Email: frank_law

Task Description

The Phase I of the project has developed a combined quantitative and qualitative approach to planning for improved intermodal connectivity at California airports. The quantitative approach involved the development of a prototype Intermodal Airport Ground Access Planning Tool (IAPT) which allows planners to evaluate the relative performance of project alternatives in intermodal airport ground access planning.
Due to the funding limitations in the previous phase of the project, the modeling components have not been fully tested and may not generate satisfactory results.  Therefore, further IAPT development and testing will be the main task for this phase. The IAPT development will focus on the following components: passenger mode choice model development; transportation provider behavior modeling; calculation of system performance measures; and other improvements including data input, setting analysis parameters, and display of the performance analysis results.   In addition, the IAPT tool will be demonstrated to potential users which include MTC, SBCAG, City of Los Angeles, and Caltrans Districts.  A user manual and technical documentation will be prepared.

Task Objective

The objective of this phase is to develop the Intermodal Airport Ground Access Planning Tool (IAPT) to a stage where it could be used by local agencies for airport ground access planning and ensure that the modeling components within the IAPT generate realistic results.

Final Report/Deliverables

This research is underway.