California Department of Transportation

Advanced Highway Maintenance and Construction Technology


The Advanced Highway Maintenance and Construction Technology Research Center (AHMCT) extends the reach of Caltrans with technology, analysis, and communications.

AHMCT is a project-oriented research center on the campus of UC Davis that develops concept vehicles and equipment for the Caltrans. AHMCT has delivered 16 vehicles and 18 pieces of software and equipment to Caltrans.

AHMCT helps Caltrans access university and industry research, maintain a leadership position in maintenance and construction technology, access federal and pooled funds for research, test and evaluate new technologies, improve the Caltrans public image as a technology oriented organization, and train students and professionals in transportation operations and technology.

Innovative technology can keep workers in vehicles for many highway maintenance tasks or behind barriers for other tasks. Also, tools exist to make on-the-ground lifting, moving, cutting, filling, and clearing tasks easier and safer. Key off-the-shelf technologies include computers, robotics, sensors, interfaces, GPS, GIS, communications, databases, materials, and hydraulics. There are organizational barriers to deployment, but few technical barriers. The potential payoff in safety and efficiency is huge.

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