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Frequently Asked Questions

California Household Travel Survey

What is the California Household Travel Survey? Caltrans Travel Analysis Branch conducts a statewide household travel survey once every ten years. The 2000-2001 California Statewide Travel Survey covered over 17,000 households and 300 household GPS travel surveys. The 2011-2012 household travel survey is in progress and the results will be available by mid 2013.

What is the purpose of the Statewide Household Travel Survey? The branch maintains multimodal travel related information for model estimation, transportation planning, project development, air quality analysis, and a variety of other Caltrans programs.

Who uses the Statewide Household Travel Survey? The Statewide Travel Model is used by many Caltrans divisions, districts, and programs. It is also used by many entities outside of the state..

Mobile Survey

What is Mobile Survey? Mobile Survey is a comprehensive system for conducting automated travel surveys. It uses smartphone apps and automation algorithms to provide a low-cost, efficient and highly scalable method of conducting travel surveys.

Who Uses the Mobile Survey system? Transportation Planners, Modelers, TSI staff, Caltrans Districts, DOTP, Division of Mass Transportation, Division of Aeronautics, Division of Rail, BT&H, ARB, CHP, Legislators, MPOs, regional and local agencies

Travel Information Integration & Technical Assistance

What do we provide with Travel Information Integration and Technical Assistance? We provide technical support for the Census Transportation Planning Package (a dissemination of Census transportation products) and for the National Household Travel Survey.

Updated September 26, 2012