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Section 500 Analysis and Reporting

The Highway Statistics Series consists of annual reports (also known as Section 500 Reports) containing analyzed statistical information on motor fuel, motor vehicle registrations, driver licenses, highway user taxation, highway mileage, travel, and highway finance. These information are presented in tables as well as selected charts. It has been published annually since 1945.

Certain data are needed by the FHWA to meet its responsibilities to Congress and the public. "These data include but are not limited to information required for proposed legislation and reports to Congress; evaluating the extent, performance, condition and use of the Nation's transportation systems; analyzing existing and proposed Federal-aid funding methods and levels, and the assignment of user-cost responsibility; maintaining a critical information base on fuel availability, use, and revenues generated; and calculating apportionment factors." (Title 23 U.S. Code, section 420.105 (b)).

For more detailed information on the program, go the Federal Highway Administration website at information/statistics.cfm

Our Work

Section 500 Reports: Work with federal, local, and State jurisdictions and agencies to report transportation related expenditures and income to help decision makers better understand California's fiscal picture; For Section 500 information, go to Section 500 Reports.

Helpful Links

  • Public Data for Highway Statistics
  • FHWA's Highway Statistics Publication
  • FHWA's Office of Highway Policy Information Website

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