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Data Analysis and Reporting Branch

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Jahangir Kashkooli,
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What Our Branch Does

We work with Federal, local, and State agencies and local jurisdictions to report transportation related expenditures and income to the Federal Highway Administration. This research and reporting enables decision makers and system users to take advantage of quality transportation information to make data based decisions about transportation services and infrastructure. .

The branch also works with external and internal partners to collect and organize annual data into a clear, concise, pocket-sized booklet. The booklet is used by Executives and District management staff as a reference for finding quick data when needed to answer media or external partners' questions.

Along with the reports mentioned above, the branch works with data in many other forms. We coordinate and populate the data library, create reports to better illustrate the data, and answer many data-intense questions for the Department and the Division, as well as the public.

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Our Branch Chief:

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