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United States of America Department of Transportation logo, blue and whiteThe Federal HPMS Program

The Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) is a federally mandated inventory system and planning tool, designed to assess the nation's highway system.

HPMS is used as a management tool by State and Federal governments and local agencies to analyze the system's condition and performance.

Highway Performance Monitoring System HISTORY

Fifteen Years of HPMS Partnership: Accomplishments and Future Directions


Highway Performance Monitoring System data are used for:

  • Allocation of Federal Funds to the States. Federal and State policies.
  • Travel trends and future transportation forecasts.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air quality conformity tracking.
  • Data for Biennial Report to Congress on the State of the Nation's Highways.

HPMS Authority is based upon Federal Code:

  • EPA Section 187 - Calls for States/MPOs having URBANIZED AREAS affected by the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 to estimate total annual vehicular highway travel (Vehicle Miles Traveled or VMT) using the HPMS.
  • 23 CFR 420.105(b) - The State Highway Agencies shall provide data that support the FHWA’s responsibilities to the Congress and to the public.
  • 23 CFR 460.3(b) - State Public Road mileage. Each State must annually submit a certification of public road mileage within the State to the the FHWA Division Administrator.
  • 23 CFR 500.204(b) - A State's TMS precision of reported data shall meet the statistical precisions established by FHWA for the HPMS.