California Department of Transportation

Mailing Address:

Department of Transportation
Division of DRISI-HQ, MS #38
P.O. Box 942874
Sacramento, CA 94272-0001

FAX: 654-6583

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GIS Data Management Branch

The GIS Data Branch works diligently to clean up and document GIS data, works with data customers throughout Caltrans, works with our partners throughout the state of California, and works with our collegues in other states to provide them with the data layers and metadata they need. Current projects include a massive drive to clean up the statewide roads layer and a complete re-design of our data library.

Data Library Link:

Look for major changes in our library throughout the year!

GIS Data Library

Our Data Management Staff:

Gerald Schumacher
Acting GIS Branch Chief
Beth Bennett
On and Off-System LRS
Keith Chervunkong
On and Off-System LRS Management
Lian Duan
HQ GIS Library Manager
Lars Olson
On and Off-System LRS
Tim Tadlock
On-System LRS, HPMS
Esther Valadez
DRISI-HQ/GIS Administrator
Daniel Kitkowski
HQ GIS Library Coordinator Administrative