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Linear Referencing System (LRS) Branch

The Linear Referencing System (LRS) is the visual representation of the California state highway system as described in the Caltrans Transportation System Network (TSN). The LRS is used to map postmile events. The LRS Branch is also developing the capability to map events along the “off-system” (local roads). This capability is being developed in response to a Federal Highway Administration mandate to create an All Roads Network of Linear Referenced Data (ARNOLD). LRS branch staff are tasked with maintaining and calibrating the LRS database and responding to requests for postmile event data.

LRS Branch Staff

Gerald Schumacher
Chief, LRS Branch
Keith Chervunkong
LRS Architecture Support
Tim Tadlock
All Roads LRS Project Lead
Kathleen Mohla
All Roads LRS
Candy Williams
All Roads LRS


  • All Roads Fact Sheet
    • General information about how the All Roads Network for Linear Referenced Data (ARNOLD) is being implemented at Caltrans.
  • LRS Database Design
    • The purpose of the document is to inform others how to build their tabular data in a way that is compatible with the LRS supported geo-referencing methods.

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Last Update: July 30, 2018