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State Highway Network

State Highway Network (SHN) and Postmile System

This State Highway Network and postmile GIS database has highway line and postmile point feature classes. Each record in the line layer represents a highway segment where the county, route, postmile prefix, and postmile suffix are the same, and each segment has a begin and end postmile. The postmile layer displays valid postmile points at 0.1 (1/10th) mile intervals.  Both layers were created based on Caltrans SHN data as of December 31, 2017. 

Last Modified: August 21, 2018


The State Highway GIS database are based on the TSN database, including relinquishments, as of February 2, 2016. Changes include updates to routes 111, 195, 225. NAIP 2014 imagery was used to identify and verify roadway alignments during the digitizing process.

Detail information on how to interpret the meanings of the code of attributes are provided within the layers’ metadata.


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Tags: Transportation, Highway, State Highway Network (SHN), California
Credits: California Department of Transportation

State Highways (Segments):, size 10.1 MB
State Highways Postmiles (0.1 mile intervals):, size 12.3 MB

Extent: California statewide

Source data:

This GIS layer was created using the 2009 Census TIGER roads file. From the 2009 TIGER data, highways were extracted and modified using BING imagery and street maps from the ESRI base map extension.

Transportation System Network (TSN) database maintained by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Traffic Accident Surveillance and Analysis System (TASAS) branch.