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Eligible And Officially Designated Scenic Highways

These two scenic highway GIS layers represent California Eligible (E) and Officially Designated (OD) scenic highway routes designated by the California Scenic Highway Program.

Last Modified: November 20, 2015


The Department of Transportation (Caltrans) manages the State Scenic Highway Program, provides guidance, and assists local government agencies, community organizations, and citizens with the process to officially designate scenic highways. The State Scenic Highway System includes a list of highways that are either eligible for designation as scenic highways or have been officially designated. These highways are identified in Senate Bill 1467, Section 263 of the Streets and Highways Code. See the Scenic Highway Guidelines for more information.

Scenic Highway System Lists and maps can be found from Scenic Highway Program website at:

The scenic routes in these GIS datasets are registered to the 2013 State Highway System, and have been digitized to reflect the geometry of the 2014 State Highway Network data.

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