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2014 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

2014 STIP includes four feature classes that represent all capital improvements projects on and off the State Highway System that are currently programmed in the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

Data Created: October 10, 2014
Last Modified: December 5, 2014


The STIP is a resource management document to assist state and local entities to plan and implement transportation improvements and to utilize available resources in a cost-effective manner. The STIP is a listing of all capital improvement projects that are expected to receive an allocation of state transportation funds from the California Transportation Commission (CTC) during the following five years.

The STIP consists of two broad programs, the regional program funded from 75% of new STIP funding and the interregional program funded from 25% of new STIP funding. The 75% regional program is further subdivided by formula into county shares. County shares are generally available for projects nominated by a Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) in their RTIPS. Amendments to the STIP are made by the entity that submitted the project and require a 30-day public notice.

The list of capital improvements projects was extracted from The CTIPS (California Transportation Improvement Program System) database.

Use limitations

The CTIPS (California Transportation Improvement Program System) database is used to support the business of Transportation Programming. CTIPS is used to capture the STIP and SHOPP documents in an automated repository, which would be used to generate FTIP documents and the FSTIP. CTIPS provides a common database shared by Caltrans District Offices, Headquarters, RTPAs, FHWA, and MPOs. Specifically, CTIPS is used by these agencies to manage the programming and allocation of funds for STIP, SHOPP and local projects.


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