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Interstate Routes and Stations

California Passenger Rail System: Interstate Routes and Stations

Interstate routes (Amtrak long-distance routes) in California existing intercity passenger rail system. All rail alignments segmented by milepost as listed in the California Regional Timetable 20.

Publication Date: October 31, 2013


Intercity passenger rail services provide transportation between metropolitan areas, to rural areas of California, and to points beyond California borders. California intercity rail services can be divided into two groups: 1) state-supported routes, which are funded by the State and serve California travel markets; and 2) Amtrak long-distance routes, which are funded by Amtrak and serve California and interstate markets.

The "interstate" feature classes represent the group 2 Amtrak long-distance passenger rail routes in California: California Zephyr (Emeryville-Sacramento-Reno-Denver-Chicago), Coast Starlight (Los Angeles-Oakland-Sacramento-Portland-Seattle), Sunset Limited (Los Angeles-San Antonio-New Orleans), and Southwest Chief (Los Angeles-Albuquerque-Kansas City-Chicago).

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