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The District feature class is a polygon coverage representing the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) district boundaries. Caltrans has 12 Districts, and also has two Regions as higher level management areas. The names of Caltrans Regions are included in the district layer attribute table.

Recent Update: District 9 become an independent district separate from the Central Region effective November 1st, 2015. Eastern Kern County will transit from District 6 to District 9. Refer to the link to the updated District 9 maps for detail:

Data Created: January 28, 2014
Last Modified: March 7, 2016


The District boundary definitions are primarily based on the county boundaries. 2010 Census TIGER/Line county data were used to create this district boundary layer. Following the Census data, for the coastal counties, new District data use three-mile offshore lines instead of the coastlines that the old Caltrans District data had been used.

Two versions of District layers were created based on whether or not show the islands in the Pacific Ocean. One keeps the islands the same as Census county data, and another layer does not include the islands and only shows the mainland of California for cartography purpose.


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Caltrans Districts and Regions