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Traffic Volumes (AADT)

The point GIS datasets represent the traffic volumes for all count locations on the California state highway system. Peak Hour, Peak Month ADT and Annual ADT are shown at each count location.

Data Created: December 13, 2011
Last Modified: April 19, 2019


This traffic volumes feature class containing Traffic Volumes (also known as Traffic Counts) on California state highway network. The traffic volumes data used to create this GIS file are from Caltrans Traffic Census database compiled by Caltrans Traffic Data Branch summarized annually.

Annual average daily traffic is the total volume for the year divided by 365 days. The traffic count year is from October 1st through September 30th. Very few locations in California are actually counted continuously. Traffic Counting is generally performed by electronic counting instruments moved from location throughout the State in a program of continuous traffic count sampling. The resulting counts are adjusted to an estimate of annual average daily traffic by compensating for seasonal influence, weekly variation and other variables which may be present. Annual ADT is necessary for presenting a statewide picture of traffic flow, evaluating traffic trends, computing accident rates, planning and designing highways and other purposes.


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Credits: California Department of Transportation
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Extent: California statewide
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