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Public Heading
Data Providers
  Roads Caltrans TSI/GIS Data Branch   xml   kml  wms  shape
  CRS Grid Caltrans TSI/GIS Data Branch   xml   kml  wms  shape
  State Highway Post Miles Caltrans TSI/GIS Data Branch   xml   kml  wms  shape
  High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes Caltrans Traffic Operations   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Express Lanes Caltrans Traffic Operations   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Interregional Road System Caltrans Office of State Planning   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Corridor System Management Plan (CSMP) Caltrans Office of State Planning   xml   kml  wms  shape
Traveler Information        
  Live Traffic Google   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Traffic Cameras Quickmap   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Changeable Message Signs Quickmap   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Lane Closures Quickmap   xml   kml  wms  shape
  CHP Incidents Quickmap   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Chain Control Quickmap   xml   kml  wms  shape
  National Weather Service (NWS) Warnings NOAA   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Earthquakes USGS   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Active Fires USGS   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Summits Caltrans TSI/GIS Data Branch   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Airports Aeronautics   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Military Aeronautics   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Heliports Aeronautics   xml   kml  wms  shape
Goods Movement        
  Commercial Vehicle Weigh Stations Caltrans Asset Management Inventory   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Agricultural Inspection Stations Caltrans Asset Management Inventory   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Truck Network Caltrans Traffic Operations   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Public and Private Ports Caltrans Office of State Planning   xml   kml  wms  shape
CIB (Planned Projects)        
  HOV Lanes Caltrans Traffic Operations   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Express Lanes Caltrans Traffic Operations   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Caltrans Districts Caltrans TSI/GIS Data Branch   xml   kml  wms  shape
  City Boundaries League of California Cities/CALAFCO/California Cities by Incorp date   xml   kml  wms  shape
  County Boundaries CalFire   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Urban Areas TSI/HSE   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Regional Transportation Planning Areas Caltrans TSI/GIS Data Branch   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Metropolitan Planning Organizations Caltrans TSI/GIS Data Branch   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Air Basins Air Resources Board   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Air Districts Air Resources Board   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Military Facilities / DOD   xml   kml  wms  shape
Caltrans Facilities        
  Park & Ride Lots Caltrans Asset Management Inventory   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Roadside Rest Areas Caltrans Asset Management Inventory   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Toll Booths Caltrans Asset Management Inventory   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Traffic Management Centers Caltrans Asset Management Inventory   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Vista Points Caltrans Asset Management Inventory   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Caltrans Offices Caltrans Asset Management Inventory   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Equipment Shops Caltrans Asset Management Inventory   xml   kml  wms  shape
  State Highway Bridges Caltrans TSI/GIS Data Branch   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Rivers Teale Data Center   xml   kml  wms  shape
  Lakes & Reservoirs California Department of Fish and Game   xml   kml  wms  shape
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Public Heading
Active Fires Traveler Information
Agricultural Inspection Stations Goods Movement
Air Basins Boundaries
Air Districts Boundaries
Airports Aviation
Caltrans Districts Boundaries
Caltrans Offices Caltrans Facilities
Chain Control Traveler Information
Changeable Message Signs Traveler Information
CHP Incidents Traveler Information
City Boundaries Boundaries
Commercial Vehicle Weigh Stations Goods Movement
Corridor System Management Plan (CSMP) Highways
County Boundaries Boundaries
Earthquakes Traveler Information
Equipment Shops Caltrans Facilities
Express Lanes Highways
Express Lanes CIB (Planned Projects)
Heliports Aviation
High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes Highways
HOV Lanes CIB (Planned Projects)
Interregional Road System Highways
Labs Caltrans Facilities
Lakes and Reservoirs Hydrography
Lane Closures Traveler Information
Live Traffic Traveler Information
Maintenance Facilities Caltrans Facilities
Metropolitan Planning Organizations Boundaries
Military Aviation
Military Facilities Boundaries
National Weather Service (NWS) Warnings Traveler Information
Park & Ride Lots Caltrans Facilities
Public and Private Ports Goods Movement
RE Offices Caltrans Facilities
Recycle Depots Caltrans Facilities
Regional Transportation Planning Areas Boundaries
Rivers Hydrography
Roads Highways
Roadside Rest Areas Caltrans Facilities
State Highway Bridges Bridges
State Highway Post Miles Highways
Storage Sites Caltrans Facilities
Summits Traveler Information
Toll Booths Caltrans Facilities
Traffic Cameras Traveler Information
Traffic Management Centers Caltrans Facilities
Truck Network Goods Movement
Urban Areas Boundaries
Vista Points Caltrans Facilities
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