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Federal Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (FSTIP) - Public Review and Comment Opportunities

Metropolitan Planning Organization/ Rural Non-MPO Website Links

Following approval of the 2015 FSTIP, amendments are processed as needed. FSTIP amendments are available for public review and comment concurrent with, or subsequent to, the public comment period for MPO Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) amendments. Administrative modifications are minor changes that do not require public review. Approved administrative modifications may be found at the following website:

To access FSTIP amendments currently available for public review, please refer to the MPO's web link in the table below. Amendments for projects in rural counties are available for review and comment via the Department of Transportation website at and/or at the regional level. Please note that MPOs establish the length of the public review and comment period for amendments; therefore, they will vary by MPO.

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Amendment 30 to the Rural non-MPO portion of the 2015 FSTIP is available for public review and comment starting April 20 to May 4, 2016.  This amendment modifies the funding of existing grouped project listings for the SHOPP Collision Reduction and Roadway Preservation Programs, modifies the funding of the Willits Bypass-Ryan Creek/Coho Salmon Mitigation project in Mendocino County, and adds one new CMAQ  project in Calaveras County.  Please submit comments to or by phone at (916) 654-3521. 







* Links to FSTIP amendments that were either received by Caltrans prior to the approval of the 2015 FSTIP or are currently being noticed by MPOs for public review. Such FSTIP amendments are required to be noticed by Caltrans for public review for 14 days in accordance with the FSTIP Public Participation Process. The dates shown indicates the public review period for each of these amendments.