California Department of Transportation

Office Of Federal Transportation Management Program (OFTMP)

2015 FTIP/FSTIP Workshop


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Combined Workshop Presentations/Handouts

I. Welcome/Opening Remarks

a. Introductions
b. Agenda Overview
c. Logistics

II. FTIP Requirements

a. Statutory Requirements
b. Planning Regulations
c. What is Regionally Significant?
d. Consistency with Other Documents
e. Congestion Management Process in Relation to the FTIP
f. Demonstrating Operations and Maintenance of the Existing System in the FTIP

III. FTIP Components
A. Financial Planning

a. Available vs. Committed Funding
b. Apportionments, Carryover Apportionments
c. Programming Capacity


a. Obligation Authority vs. Apportionments
b. Obligation Authority Management Policy
c. Early Delivery
d. Borrowing Apportionments & OA from other regions
e. Rescissions
f. August Redistribution

  Share Best Practices
Lunch Eat


MAP-21 Performance Measures Update


Active Transportation Program Update

B. Air Quality Conformity

Latest Planning Assumptions Requirement Related to the 2013 EMFAC for Conformity, Under Statutory Requirements of the FTIP

C. Post FSTIP/Implementation

RFA, E-76 Process, Encumbrance, Inactive Obligations, Good Practices


Re-energize and Re-fresh

D. Project Selection Process

a. MPO Project Selection Criteria

  • RSTP, CMAQ, Local Measure
  • Project Eligibility and Match Requirements
E. Programming

b. Programming

  • Project Listing
  • Project Title/Description
  • Line Items vs. Grouped
  • Exempt vs. Non-Exempt
  • Carryover Programming
  • Match Requirements

Update on the FTA Program under MAP-21

IV. Wrap Up

a. Have we met your expectations?
b. What's happening tomorrow?

Recap Day 1 & Review Agenda Ensure that the agenda meets purpose
V. FTIP Submittal to Caltrans

FTIP Checklist and Development Guidance


Feedback from the 2013 FTIP/FSTIP Development

VI. FSTIP Development Schedule and Reporting

a. FSTIP Development Schedule/Public Participation
b. Financial Summary/Tables for FSTIP Adoptions and Amendment


c. Reporting Requirements:

  • Annual List of Obligations
  • CMAQ Annual Report
  • Performance Measures
RTIP & FTIP Update

Air Quality Conformity and its relationship with RTIP and FTIP Updates

Break Re-energize and re-fresh
Open Discussion Best Practices, Information Sharing, Public Participation, How will MPOs meet MAP-21 Performance Measures, Operation and Maintenance in FTIPs
Closing Remarks Information Sharing/Workshop Feedback/Open Forum