California Department of Transportation


CTIPS - Frequently Asked Questions

Why I can't log on? There are several possible problems:

  • Account is locked out. The system will allow for five (5) unsuccessful logon attempts per day. After the fifth attempt, the system will lock the account. Please contact Amy DeCosta to unlock your account.

I am entering a project and don't have access to some Implementing Agencies or Fund Types?

The data on my project is incorrect. Who should I contact?

  • For any CTIPS project information that are inaccurate, please contact the appropriate OCIP, SHOPP or OFTMP Senior in Transportation Programming to correct the error.

I would like to change my password?

  • Once logged-in to CTIPS and at the main CTIPS screen, on the upper right-hand corner, click on "Change Password" and enter your new password and select "OK".

I have a CTIPS account I haven't used in some time and I can't log in. There are several possible problems:

  • The User Id and/or password you used was not correct and you locked yourself out of the system. The system will allow four attempts to log-in before locking your account.
  • You haven't used the system in quite a while and your account has been deleted. Accounts are reviewed for use on a monthly basis. In order to resolve the problem contact Amy DeCosta.


For new CTIPS accounts, please e-mail Amy DeCosta (CTIPS Account Administrator) at with the following information:

    s ID Number (Caltrans Only)
    Phone Number
    District # (Caltrans Only)
    Division Name (Caltrans Only)
    Company Name (If external to Caltrans)
    E-mail Address

If you are having problems with CTIPS or would like to report a bug, please send an e-mail to CTIPs Support with the following information:

    Name and other pertinent information as in New Account above
    Description of the problem
    Screen shots of the error