California Department of Transportation

Office of California Transportation Commission Liaison (OCTCL)

2003 "PA" Resolutions

Date Passed


Resolution PA -01-08

April 3, 2003
Item 2.1d.
Tab 20

Project Approval Amendment to San Luis Obispo Council of Governments/Cambria Community Services District - Cambria Crosstown Trail. Request to transfer eligible applicant status from the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments to the Cambria Community Services District and reprogram $27,730 in savings from the completed Paulding School Bikeway project in Arroyo Grande to the Cambria Crosstown Trail in Cambria.


Resolution PA -01-09

June 25-26, 2003
Item 2.1d.(1)
Tab 42

Project Application Amendment to County of Trinity - Request to reprogram $53,690 in savings from the Hayfork Park and Ride project approved for $56,037 under PA-00-09 for Resolution BFP-99-15. The County was unable to acquire the parcel needed for the park and ride lot, thus it is requesting approval to reprogram the $53,690 for the Weaverville Pedestrian Walkway improvements project which will provide sidewalk improvements along State Route 299 between Mill Street and Mountain View Street in Weaverville, and will compliment a SHOPP project in the same location. The project will provide a much safer walk to Weaverville Elementary School. This is a Safe Routes to Schools project.


Resolution PA -93-41

June 25-26, 2003
Item 2.1d.(2)
Tab 43

Project Application to County of Imperial - Request to program $261,206 in unprogrammed funds to a new project to improve safety at two rail crossings. Improvements include installing warning gates and concrete panels, and improving road surface at Jeffrey Road and Correll Road crossings in Imperial County.

Resolution PA -99-24
August 14, 2003
Item 2.1d.
Tab 31
Proposition 116 Non-Urban County Project Approval Amendment for the County of Del Norte - Request to program $12,772 in cost savings from the completed Glenn Street Pedestrian Improvements project to the Inyo Street Pedestrian Improvements project. Pedestrian improvements will be made on the East Side of Inyo Street from Cooper Avenue to Pacific Avenue as part of the county's "School Routes and Established School Crossings" plan.
August 14, 2003
Item 2.1e.(1)
Tab 54
Proposition 116 Rail Project Approval for the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission - Request to program $300,000 (PUC Section 99640) for Santa Cruz and Davenport Branch Line Acquisition and Recreation Rail Pre-Right of Way Acquisition Activities.
August 14, 2003
Item 2.1e.(2)
Tab 55
Proposition 116 Rail Project Approval for the Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) - Request to program $9,370,000 (PUC Section 99638) for San Francisco-Monterey Intercity Rail Service Right of Way Acquisition.