California Department of Transportation

Office of California Transportation Commission Liaison (OCTCL)

2002 "BFA" Resolutions

Date Passed



Nov. 7, 2002 Ref. No. 2.6c Tab 40

Proposition 116 Allocation Amendment - City of Red Bluff - Red Bluff Park & Ride Facility. PPNO: 02-2507. EA: T0206A. Red Bluff is requesting to de-allocate $24,695 out of the $220,000 allocated under BFP-99-11 to close out FTA 02A0332. Red Bluff requests taht the $24,695 be added to $280,000 that are programmed but not allocated for the construction of the Park & Ride Facility, for a total allocation of $304,695.


June 25, 2003 Ref. No. 2.6c Tab 55

Proposition 116 Allocation Amendment - County of Trinity - Hayfork Park and Ride Lot, PPNO: 02-2165. Deallocate $38,690 in savings from the $41,037 allocated under Resolution BFP-99-15. The $38,690 will be combined with $15,000 also programmed for this project but not allocated, and the entire $53,690 will be used for the new Weaverville Pedestrian Walkway Improvements project. (Concurrent Project Application Amendment under 2.1d.(1).)