California Department of Transportation

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  • Bruce de Terra, Division Chief, Division of Transportation Programming
    • Program Policy Issues
  • Muhaned Aljabiry, Chief, Office of Federal Transportation Management Program (OFTMP)
    • CMAQ
    • RSTP
    • CTIPS Application
    Rambabu Bavirisetty, Chief, Office of Capital Improvement Programming (OCIP)
    • STIP
    • Project Allocation
    • TCRP
    • Prop 1B Bond
  • Donna Berry, Chief, Office of State Highway Operations and Protection Program (SHOPP)
    • SHOPP
  • Greg Wong, Chief, Office of California Transportation Commission Liaison (OCTCL)
    • CTC
  • Kacey Ruggiero, Chief, Office of Resource Management and Administration (ORMA)
    • IT and Non-IT Procurement
    • Property Control
    • Budgets
    • Personnel
    • Training
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